Northern California and Northern Nevada Line List

EPI, INC., MA: WWW.ELECPRODINC.COM                                                                               (978) 462-8101

Technical Ceramics, Powder to Package, HTCC, Surface Mount, Leaded, Glass to Metal.

EVISSAP, CA: WWW.EVISSAP.COM                                                                                            (408) 943-8266

Cost Effective Coaxial Cable Assemblies and Custom Commercial Connectors to 18GHz.

FLANN MICROWAVE, UK: WWW.FLANN.COM                                                                        44 1208 77777

Waveguide Adapters, Antennas, Attenuators, Cal Kits, Components, Frequency Meters, Switches, Terminations.

M-PULSE MICROWAVE, CA: WWW.MPULSEMW.COM                                                           (408) 432-1480

Diodes: Schottky, PIN/NIP, SRD, Varactor, Tunnel, and Noise. SPD’s, MIS Caps, Bi-polar Transistors and Gain Blocks.

PRESIDIO COMPONENTS, INC., CA: WWW.PRESIDIOCOMPONENTS.COM                       (858) 578-9390

Capacitors: Single Layer Ceramic, Monolithic Broadband, Multilayer, SMPS Stacked and Radial Leaded.